• Ironton Distillery (map)
  • 3636 Chestnut Place
  • Denver, CO, 80216
  • United States

Stumble along your DIY Craft Journey at Ironton Distillery’s Stay Wild Market on July 20th! We’re teaming up with Crafted Art Emporium to bring you the first ever CAMP DIY - an outdoorsy themed crafternoon where the liquor flows like the tears you cried when your parents dropped you off for summer camp and never looked back.

Choose from as many of the following craft projects as your ambition allows and earn merit badges along the way:

  • Pennant/Camp Flag: personalize your campsite (or wall of your comfortable indoor habitat) with a handcrafted pennant!

  • Screen Print Your Own Koozie: learn how to make your own screen out of recycled materials and make a permanent impression on your new favorite camp koozie!

  • Dog Leash & Tag: unleash your creativity with a new lead and a personalized tag for your most loyal camping companion!

  • Ironton Citronella Tiki Torch: get lit, not bit with a 750ml tiki torch made from a recycled Ironton Distillery bottle!

  • Bandana Set: pup your style game with a matching bandana set for you and your previously mentioned loyal camping companion!

Sign up now to secure your craft supplies! Commit to three or more projects and get a free mini s’mores kit.